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Life in Freshwater

Succession is concerned with community development over time. Find out more in our general section on Succession


A sere is a stage in the process of succession. There are several examples of this including succession from bare rock (a lithosere) and from bare sand (psammosere) as found on sand dunes. Hydroseres can easily be spotted as they happen quite quickly. If the pond in your backgarden is not dredged occasionally it will happen there in a few years.

A clay quarry

This is an area in Dorset where ball clay is removed to produce high quality china. There is heathland around the area but after the extraction deep, empty pools of water are left behind.

Twenty years later the area looks like this:

The clay quarry 20 years later

Many plants have colonised the water and Reedmace has grown up around the edge. Trees are becoming well established. Follow the side menu to see the various stages in the hydrosere.


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