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Life in Freshwater

Lesser Waterboatmen (Corixa spp)

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Lesser Water Boatman top view

These waterboatmen are significantly smaller than the greater variety. The easiest way of telling them apart is when they swim. These are the "right" way up with the wings upper most. The hind legs are long paddles, fringed with hairs. Size is between 5 - 15 millimetres in length. They are active swimmers and being dark in colour may be easily seen darting around under the surface. They move between ponds by flying.

A common organism of all static water, quickly colonising new pools. Although it is typical of freshwater they are such active fliers that the can be seen around brackish water near saltmarshes.

ECOLOGY: Unlike the greater water boatman these small insects are herbivores. They breathe oxygen from a bubble of air trapped betneath the wing cases when the animal floats to the surface.












Hemiptera (True Bugs)

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