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Life in Freshwater

Bullhead or Miller's Thumb (Cottus gobio)

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Millers Thumb

This is a freshwater species of goby. On average it is about 11 cm long and has no scales. It is an olive brown colour with numerous spots and blotches giving good camouflage.

Can be abundant in streams and rivers with a gravel or stony bottom. Widespread in Europe .

ECOLOGY: The Bullhead is very wide at the head end and this helps it to back into crevices in the stones and gravel with the mouth showing. Most of the life is spent hiding in this way, waiting for its prey to wander passed. These are, typically, freshwater shrimps and insect larvae. It has tough spines on the back to protect it from be eaten by larger fish; they jam in the throat and a predator spits them out. In spring they scoop out a shallow depression in gravel and lay the eggs and sperm in there.










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